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I’ve been posting with my new identity to a few places I’ve been active at before, and find myself enmeshed in all the usual arguments about unrecognized privilege, discrimination’s existence without consciously bigoted intent, all the Awareness 101 stuff. At the same time, I’m reading and thinking about the discussions at trans places about moving past all that to other discussions, and also about the practical application of that desire to prejudice in women’s place online and off.

I’ve been here before!

This is just what it was like when I started taking part in disability exchanges. I could probably play Mad Libs with a lot of posts.

So I’ve realized the awful truth: we notional young ones, just out of the self-realization, we’re the massed levies that let the veterans consult about higher matters. I am a spear carrier at last!


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It’s not like I didn’t know there was transphobia all over. I’ve been guilty of my own share, after all, both before I ever thought seriously I might be trans and even after I began wrestling with the thought. But this has been a very depressing week both for LGBTQ rights and concerns in general and for trans respect in particular.

For me personally, watching Bitch Ph.D actively defend a very bigoted transphobic joke was especially aggravating. I learned a lot about feminism from exchanges she contributed to. I guess this is her way of signalling that lesson time is now over.

There’s no time like the beginning,I guess, to be reminded that any ally can abandon us at any time, right alongside the reminder that all categorization, including metadata, can become a weapon. I’ve always been skeptical (and worse, sometimes) about claims for the importance of constantly challenging and reconfiguring categories. Now I see that I was wrong. I simply can’t trust the care of my identity to anyone else.

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